Commercial Cleaning Services

Office and Building Cleaning

We will conduct the most thorough cleaning possible for your office and building, from top to bottom, including closets and restrooms, and with eco-friendly products.

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Hotel and Resort Housekeeping

We will ensure your entire hotel and resort is kept in pristine condition, from the rooms to closets and common areas like lobbies and leisure rooms.

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Post Construction Cleaning

There’s always a big mess to clean up after construction projects, so we will ensure this is handled efficiently.

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Manufacturing and Facility Cleaning

Manufacturing businesses can easily build up dust, dirt and grime, so we will address every stain and pileup.

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Bank Cleaning

Financial institutions must be maintained at top sanitation levels because of the high volume of cash, checks and assets handled and stored.

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Stadium and Event Cleaning

Massive crowds gather in stadiums and other large venues where food, beverages and other consumer goods are sold, and garbage, dust and diseases can easily come about.

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Government Building Cleaning

If public figures become infected in unsanitized buildings, they won’t be able to pass laws to serve their communities.

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Retail Store Cleaning

Shops and boutiques, especially those with antique furniture and a large amount of products clustered together, can easily accumulate dust.

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Restaurant Cleaning

Areas where food and beverage are made, served and consumed (kitchen, tables, ovens, etc.) need to be devoid of any harmful and infectious substances. Period.

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School and University Cleaning

Students of all ages, educators and administrators cannot function properly unless they are in sanitized classrooms, lounges, dorms and restrooms.

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