Nearly every major industry continues to develop new technologies to simplify tasks and processes. One such industry is the commercial cleaning business, which has grown significantly in recent years. According to Statista, the revenue generated by janitorial services (not including housekeeping cleaners and maids) in the United States in 2019 totaled $61 billion, which overwhelmingly surpassed last May’s forecast of $46.6 billion. News website Clean Link also reported in 2017 that office buildings make up the largest segment of commercial cleaning contracts in the business (31 percent of all contracts). One Management Partners in New York is dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient deep commercial cleaning and disinfecting services in NY. Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which are technologies like Nest smart thermostats, security systems, and medical sensors, have support for internet connectivity and can communicate with other smart devices in a given area, whether it’s a residential or commercial space. According to tech blog Software Testing Help, more than 20 billion IoT devices are expected to be entering the global market by 2021. These types of smart products, which sometimes collect personal information, can affect the commercial cleaning industry in positive ways. Although there are some risks to investing in IoT devices that relate to security concerns and financial costs, these objects can benefit your business in three primary ways: A Healthier Work Environment Many office buildings in New York today house restrooms with automatic faucets and soap dispensers. However, some companies are aiming to bring this type of technology to the next level by designing objects that remind people to wash their hands via sound alerts. Clean Hands-Safe Hands, an organization that manufactures electronic hand hygiene surveillance technologies, reported last year that 10 hospitals that utilized these systems witnessed a 61.4 percent reduction in healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). These types of systems can also be installed in businesses outside the healthcare industry, fortunately. Reduced Waste Investing in an efficient garbage disposal system can ultimately yield long-term cost-savings for your business. Modern waste bins can accurately relay fill level, location, and temperature to sanitation departments, all while avoiding unnecessary pick-ups. Some IoT devices can also assist you by monitoring how often paper towels and hand soap are used, for example. These technologies can also help you and One Management Partners establish a more clear plan for how often a deep cleaning should be performed throughout a given week or month. Greater Maintenance Control In tandem with reduced waste, IoT devices can help prevent shortages of supplies and thereby lower the advent of complaints. If these technologies can one day be optimized to notify people of issues like clogs and leaks in a timely manner, businesses like yours may be able to address problems more efficiently. Contact One Management Partners For More Information Speak to the experienced professionals at One Management Partners in New York to learn more about how deep cleaning can benefit your business. With over 15 years of experience with deep cleaning, we offer green services and work with many different types of businesses, including offices, hotels and resorts, restaurants, and schools and universities. Call us today at (212) 574-7984 for more information.

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