The United States is known for being one of the countries in the world with the hardest-working individuals. In recent years, many American workers have taken extremely few days off annually amid mounting responsibilities and pressures. In fact, the Center for Economic and Policy Research recently reported that the U.S. is the only nation in the 36-member Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to not require employers to provide employees with a minimum number of annual paid vacation days. Countries in the European Union, meanwhile, dictate that every employer must grant all employees at least 20 days of paid vacation each year.

Fewer days off can therefore often lead to less time devoted to office cleaning beyond simply a quick sweep and disposal of garbage. Deep cleaning is a process that can bring many advantages to a workspace since it aims to thoroughly sanitize all frequently used surface areas by using disinfecting wipes and cutting-edge spraying solutions, among other resources. The experienced professionals at One Management Partners in New York can provide such a service and consequently benefit your workplace in the following ways:

Reduced Dissemination of Diseases

When a contagious, infectious disease begins to spread within an organization, that business can greatly suffer. Regardless of whether salespeople, lower-level personnel or upper-management executives are the most impacted by a virus, a deep commercial cleaning can help lead to workers taking fewer sick days each year. As a business, you can also take your own precautions by encouraging sick workers to stay home and by investing in automatic hand sanitizers and no-touch waste bins, for example.

Greater Employee Productivity

Research demonstrates that employee efficiency is often optimized when the workplace is devoid of viruses and dust-free, and that cognitive functions can be hampered when air quality is compromised. Thus, it’s important to ensure the air quality in your business is pure. Regularly cleaning your HVAC system can assist with this endeavor.

Even lower morale and mental health can affect workplace efficiency. According to the World Health Organization’s May 2019 report, depression and anxiety have been estimated to cost the global economy up to $1 trillion annually in lost productivity.

A More Professional Look

It appears safe to say that an organization with stained, dusty furnishings and papers and boxes strewn around will likely leave a more negative impression than one that smells fresh and has evidently been cleaned and sanitized. Vacuums can significantly help clear an area of dust and debris.

Eco-Friendly Services & Long-Term Cost Savings

One Management Partners is proud to provide environment-friendly services that include utilizing cleaning products that have been approved by the EPA. Similarly, your organization should verify that it complies with all state and federal regulations on cleanliness and safety. Given that One Management’s prices are affordable, the return you will reap from our comprehensive services will undoubtedly be significant.

One other benefit of deep cleaning relates to the fact that business items and documents are cleaner and can be found more easily (not get lost).

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