We get it, who feels like cooking after a long day at work, especially if you are a restaurant owner? You come home tired and are in no mood to make anything for yourself for dinner. You decide to visit a nearby restaurant to enjoy your favorite cuisine. There are a myriad of dining options in your area, but of course you would want to choose the one with clean equipment, dining rooms, and kitchen. Cleaning the equipment properly is not only sanitary but makes the food taste better and will last for a long time. As a restaurant owner, you can keep your kitchen spick and span with the help of professional restaurant cleaning services in NY. The following is the list of restaurant cleaning procedures that are used by many professionals in the kitchen:

Equipment MUST be cleaned after cooking

  • Thoroughly wash and sanitize equipment such as cutting boards and prep tables.
  • Wash the meat and cheese slicer after every application.
  • If there are bins, try to keep them out of the restaurant or cover them with a plastic bag.
  • Clean the kitchen sinks properly after washing utensils.
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor as everyone knows what a mess kitchen floors can be.
  • Things such as fryers and grills must be cleaned regularly, and properly.

Kitchen items need monthly cleaning

  • Clean freezers properly by first removing all items and then cleaning using soap and water. If your freezer has a filter, it’s important to change this based on the guidelines of the appliance.
  • Remove all items from the ice cream machine and sanitize them properly.
  • Wash ovens and fryers appropriately as not doing so can lead to catastrophic fire hazards.
  • Wipe down all storage areas.

Items require weekly cleaning

  • Clean your sinks and faucets with lime water.
  • Clean the oven properly. An oven comes with a cleaning guide; be sure to follow it to keep it in a well kept condition.
  • Thoroughly clean the coffee machines.
  • Take out all the items from the refrigerator, wash and sanitize them.

Kitchen items need yearly cleaning

  • Clean the pilot line on the gas kitchen equipment.
  • Have your fire systems inspected and maintained by your local fire department.
  • Have the hoods cleaned two times a year.

Follow these tips to keep your kitchen equipment properly cleaned. When customers visit a clean and sanitized restaurant, they can expect to have an enjoyable time with their loved ones. Ensuring the customer experience is safe should be the top priority of restaurant owners and this can be achieved with the help of professional restaurant cleaning services in NY.

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